One of the most powerful video tools is the client testimonial. You can have written reviews or quotes from clients littered on your website, but having a well-made client testimonial can make a huge difference.

Howell Construction has been in business for over 5o years. They are one of the leaders in large remodels, but competition can be stiff. Part of landing a large job is having a strong presentation, and Howell commissioned us to provide a testimonial video they could show during future presentations. They had recently completed a large occupied remodel of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver Colorado and the owners were telling them how great of a job they did. Occupied remodels is one of Howell’s specialties and they knew a great testimonial video could help land future similar jobs.

There are some important elements in getting a great testimonial or interview. Not only does a video of someone sitting still need to look and sound good, but the content of what they are saying needs to be impactful. Some companies will couch their testimonials, which I find not only comes across on the video but isn’t an honest testimonial. Arming yourself with the proper questions that get your interviewee thinking about what is important to you, and letting them flow without being coached is makes it feel real because it is!

You wouldn’t be capturing someone who doesn’t have glowing things to say, so get out their way and let them speak from the heart. Howell was not only impressed with the way the video looked and sounded, but they are also excited at the wonderful things the Hyatt management had to say about them. This video helped land Howell future occupied remodels and boost their sales.

A video is a powerful tool with many ways it can be used. Combining a presentation with a well-made video can help you stand out from your competitors.

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