When 4th Kind Entertainment was first created our first projects were with local comedians. A lot of our content features comedy in some form or another as a theme that carries from those early days. When Denver-based actor Nathan Pratt approached us wanting to create a new series of comedy shorts, we jumped at the chance to revisit our favorite genre.

Nathan wanted to create a series that was his own as a way to showcase his acting chops that other roles hadn’t filled. Acting as a writer and producer were very new to him, but once we were hired we made sure he could focus on getting the story made and not all of the details. As with a lot of content with limited budgets, we had to find a way to get the roles filled, a great location and shoot it in just 2 days. Almost all of our projects fall into this type of production and it’s one of the main strengths to deliver a finished product that surpasses it’s logistical and financial shortcomings.

Written by Nathan Pratt and Betsy Vanhulle, 20/20 is a live-action comedy short that is based on a popular joke. Our main character John is struggling to go through an important doctors appointment. He has to overcome his fears, confusion and everything and everyone who is standing in his way. As with most things in life, a simple misinterpretation can cause major issues leading to a very bad choice.

Shot over 2 days at Sloan’s Lake Rehab Center, 20/20 features up and coming actors based in Denver. With over 2k views in its first week and submissions to many film festivals and contests, 20/20 continues to entertain. As a first in a series from Nathan Pratt, many other films will be released with this exciting collaboration.

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