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Company profile videos or also known as "about us" videos are one of the most common types of corporate videos. They are usually displayed on a companies website and featured on the homepage or about us page

The reason these videos are so common is that most humans learn visually and what better way to describe your business than with a video. Usually, these videos show what your company is about including your products services and even your history.

You've probably seen many videos such as this on a website and they can range in content and presentation. The main focus is to inform or sell, but that doesn't mean they can't be entertaining.

We work with you to help create what content should be included in the video and what style best fits your company or brand. Sometimes this type of video is also needed for a Kickstarter campaign or product launch. The content isn't always just an overview of a company it can also be about a specific product or service.

Websites with company profile videos have visitors that stay longer on their page and have a higher conversion rate. The reason for this is because visitors can quickly learn what you are about and if your products or services is a good fit for them.

These videos work best when they are between 1 min- 3 mins because data shows that viewers prefer short videos over longer ones. It is always best to include some sort of call to action at the end of the video to drive the viewer to contact your company or brand.

We have created many successful company profile videos for companies such as Sandler TrainingIntrex Aerospace, Xero Shoes, NIST and many more.


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Interviews usually are included in a company's profile video or product video. Most of time it is an owner, decision maker or marketing team member who is featured. Interviews are also the cornerstone of docu-style videos such as the ones we create for the Colorado Department of Human Services.  Interviews are also very common in a company's internal video or training video.

Another use for an interview is to include an expert or review based on your product or philosophy. This can help expand your brand and company awareness or even boost your credibility from an outside source that's not employed by your company.

Another type of popular interview is the testimonial. This is a great way to have a customer or client sell your company! Creating a professional testimonial such as the ones we have done for Sandler Training and Howell Construction really help your company get positive feedback to more consumers. They also help your company in business to business transactions if you used with your bid or proposal. We have also asked our clients to sit down with us for a few moments and provide us with a review.


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What is a customer support video and why would you need one? You may be asking yourself this question as you read this, but let us explain what they are and how they can help your business.

Customer support videos come in many different flavors such as tutorials, troubleshooting, and even product demonstrations. The main reason for these videos is to help your clients and customers solve a problem or answer a question without having to call or email you.

I'm sure you are flooded with questions from clients about your product and services. Perhaps they need detailed instructions on how to use or fix you a product, and like we've said before, most people learn much easier visually.

These videos don't need high production values or all the bells and whistles, but they should still fit within your branding. These videos can also help drive gain more sales  because happy customers are more likely to spend more and refer others to you. System76 created a customer service video to not only show customers how to install parts, but show them how easy their computers are to upgrade.

Having a customer support video can even help you save money! How? By freeing up your employees to do other tasks, especially if you are a small company that doesn't have a customer service department. Just ask the folks at Deltech Furnaces how creating a few short videos on how to replace parts help them save thousands of dollars a year or Notion how their video helped their customers that are less tech savvy.


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Live streaming has become popular over the past few years with Youtube and Facebook now offering their users the ability to go "live". Of course, there are still many sites such as Ustream ( where we streamed our web series Head Trauma) offering the ability to share your event or class to the world with the push of the button.

Live streaming isn't something every company needs, but it does have value to those that need it. Perhaps you have a conference not all your employees can attend because let's face it, that would cost you a pretty penny. Giving them the chance to catch the conference live is a much cheaper route.

Have you seen a Ted Talk? Having the ability to reach people to share your expertise or ideas can help expand your awareness and spread your knowledge in a way that wasn't affordable a decade ago.

We have the experience to provide your stream in a high quality and affordable way with our team of professionals.


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Industrial videos usually are internal videos that aren't meant to drive sales or bring more brand awareness. These videos usually are intended for employees of your company.

They can cover a wide range of topics such as safety, training or best practices to name a few. These videos aren't for driving sales or building brand awareness, but to educate your employees. These are a must for larger companies that hire new employees on a regular basis.

Everyone has seen one of these videos perhaps at their first job or even parodied on shows like The Simpsons. They don't have to be cheesy and lifeless, that is where we come in.

Making these videos fun and educational can go a long way to keeping your employees from making comments about them and actually learning something. Sometimes they may even enjoy them!