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The real estate market can change in the bink of an eye. Trying to stay ahead of current trends can seem like a daunting task for real estate agencies or brokers. In the past few years the rise of video walk throughs has helped real estate professionals.

The fact is video can be expensive but it doesn’t always have to be. A short 30 second video or VR walkthrough can help buyers get a real sense of what the property is really like. This is something that simple photos just can’t do. The cost of thse videos are very reasonable, especially when compared to how effective they can be. Not only does it help the buyers, but it also helps yourself because the buyers who contact you are the ones who have a iger amount of interest.

If you are selling a higher scale home you may want to create a higher quailty video. Combining a video walkthrough using camera movement, a voice over from the agent and some broll of drone footage and the neighborhood can really set your listings apart from others. This is something we have implemented with Grant Muller on some of his properties. We help write script with him and spend only a few hours shooting the property and the surrounding area, and even do next day edits. Take a look at some of the videos we have created, and contact us for pricing!

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Being a realestate agent can be a challenging but stressful career. With so many agents in the area, trying to stand out can seem daunting.

Just as with any business your skills are also your brand. Ask yourself why should someone hire you to help them with a home purchase? What makes you different from other agents? Having a good website and social media goes a long way, but video can help push you even further to the top.

There are many ways to shoot a great promotional video for yourself. The costs vary depending on the end result desired, but their is a video for any agents budget! Take a look at a video we did for Marilyn Ackerman that helped her website stand out!

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