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Music and visuals have gone together since the beginning of film in the late 19th century. Even before MTV showed us the power of music and video there were a plethora of films enhanced by music.

Even though MTV doesn't provide the same music video experience as it once did, there is still a lot of power to creating a music video if you are a musician. Videos can express your music and lyrics in a way no other medium can. We all have favorite videos that are either from the past or current  we look up or share on sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Since video production costs have come down considerably, almost anyone with any budget can produce a great music video. We personally love the freedom of creating music videos and either helping someone create their vision of interpreting their music and lyrics in new and creative ways.

There are many different types of music videos. Some are mini short films, others are visual poetry, while even other videos are simple performance pieces. Budget and creativity dictate what the end result is, but no matter which choice you make we can create engaging and professional videos.

Take a look at our award-winning video for the band The Birthday Massacre. We told a complete story that fit the lyrics and at the time was a big part of pop culture. We have also worked with local musician and hip-hop artist Rolphy to create two mini short film music videos, "Boom "and "Just Me" We've also worked with Denver Based rock band Silver and Smoke on 3 different videos that range is style. Lastly, check out our biggest and most ambitious music video "Fly Away".

With social media being one of the best and least expensive ways to market, music videos can still help any musician or band achieve greater success. Even capturing a live performance to share with your fans can really help. We also provide multicam concert capture and editing if you need it. If you have some music that you have been wanting to create a video with, feel free to contact us and let's see if we can make your video as amazing as your music.


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Here at 4th Kind Entertainment, we started out as filmmakers creating personal content to express ourselves. Writing short or long form videos for fun, and turned into a business.

We've created short films in genres such as comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, and noir. We try to create a steady stream of short films that further our skills or help develop an idea for further development later. We regularly participate in the 24 hours, 48 hour and 100-hour film races each year, while also creating 2-4 stand-alone short films a year.

We are always looking for other filmmakers to collaborate with on either our short films or theirs. Whether you are a grip, actor, producer or any other member of the filmmaking community, feel free to contact us and if you would like to work together.

Short films can also be created around a business. Major companies such as BMW have created mini films to showcase their products to great effect. These are similar to narrative commercials described in the Commercial section of this site, but usually, go beyond the parameters laid out in that section. If you would like to discuss creating a short film for your business feel free to contact us.


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Feature Films is the end goal of most filmmakers and is ours too. Most people in the industry work their way up the ladder so they can begin their career on features. Not only feature expensive compared to other video types, they also take the most amount of work and risk. Features also have the potential to have big returns when compared to monetizing your web videos or short films.

Short films are usually created to show off your skills and/or show a proof of concept. Features are where you show your skills and hopefully the payoff of your idea. And the hope is to either can exposure, profit or funding for a future project.

We strive to make 4th Kind Entertainment a full-service production company that has an equal dedication to commercial and narrative work. Contact us to see if we are currently working on a feature if you would like to collaborate or invest.

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