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Sandler Training Logo

Bob Bolak- Sandler Training

If you’re looking for a plain video, look somewhere else. If you’re looking to spend more than you need, this isn’t your team. If you want high quality, effective and inexpensive video there is no other choice but 4th Kind Entertainment. They have produced over 50 videos for me and are […]

strain wise

Strainwise Consulting

We needed a lot of content in a short amount of time and 4th Kind Entertainment delivered! They shot at 15 of our locations throughout Colorado and created a awesome promo piece we could share. We were unsure about video marketing until we met these guys.

One Business connection

Greg Petri- One Business Connection

We offer a lot of networking events for businesses in Colorado. Jason and his team have filmed a few of our events and provided content for speakers to use on their sites along with content for us. They always come prepared and deliver great videos!

Howell Construction Logo

Roger Smith- AP at Howell Construction

We saw video as a way to set us apart during our proposals. Having previous clients tell potentially new ones why we are the best is a valuable tool. 4th Kind Entertainment worked closely with us to create great looking videos and maximize their impact.



We need a simple and inexpensive video for our graduation ceremony and they delivered exactly what we wanted.

Innovation Pavilion

Innovation Pavilion

A while back we teamed up to create a video of an event and use it for marketing. During the event 4th Kind also gave attendees free videos during a drawing. Our clients were happy and so were we with their services.

Denver video

Haiku You

We created a board game for fun and decided to start selling it. We had no idea about marketing and the 4th Kind Entertainment helped create a great video from start to finish.

Video tutorial

Deltech Furnaces Team

We needed to create some customer service videos for our clients to help with some basic tips. The team really knew their stuff and helped us create detailed scripts and great visuals. We would definitely work with them again.

Lewan Technology

Kendra Dominguez- Lewan Technology

Jason and his assistant were a pleasure to work with. He aided us with content, was there to answer any questions along the way and did a wonderful job with filming/directing us. He’s very knowledgeable within this area, very professional and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend him.