4 Things Every Travel Vlogger Needs to Know

If you like traveling and you have time to do this often, you might consider documenting your travel experiences. If you are looking to do this, there are two options at your disposal. You can write your impressions, experiences, and adventures on your blog, or make video recordings and post […]


3 Important Tips for Shooting Music Videos for Indie Bands

Shooting regular family videos, or stock videos for that matter, is a completely different task than shooting a music video for a band. This task requires a lot of hard work on the videographer’s part, as it is necessary to perform several different steps before and after the shoot, which […]


Does Equipment Matter?

Am I Too Focused on Fancy New Shiny Things? I love the latest tech and try to be an early adopter as often as my wallet permits, so it’s no surprise it has followed me into my career. Buying new equipment is part of running a business in this industry, […]

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20 Video Marketing Statistics

Numbers, figures, and percentages are important to every business. As dull as a pie chart or other graphs may be, they can help you not only know where your business stands, but also where to move next. Video marketing is  one of those most powerful tools. Marketing is essential to businesses […]


Why Your Business Needs Video Ads

We deal with a wide variety of clients just like you when providing video services and as common as video has become in 2017, it’s still a hard sell. Video ads are a huge booming way to advertise and it’s growing more and more each year. Most top advertising companies […]

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Should I go to Film School?

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times by young people looking to join the film industry. Is film school worth it? I think the answer lies more in the individual than a standard for all. Most of our young lives we are told how important College is, and we […]

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6 Types of Video Marketing for Your Business

There are many types of videos on the web and TV and it can be daunting trying to figure out which type best suits your needs.  Below, we’ll discuss six common video marketing types and what each one of them can do you. Types of Videos Commercials Corporate Videos / […]

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The Cost of Video Production

Equipment Before we talk about what goes into the bang you get for your buck, let’s quickly address some important investments we have already made in your video long before we ever actually meet. Every business has overhead and video production is no different. First things first:  A Camera. The […]