A corporate film is very important for businesses in all fields of work. It is a perfect way of transferring the message about what your business is all about. However, to make an effective video that will actually have an impact on others, it is necessary to create a detailed corporate video briefly.

We all see corporate videos from time to time, but those which really stand out were created based on a detailed brief. These are some questions that you should answer in your brief. They will allow you to build a persuasive and effective corporate video editing for your target audience.

What is the goal of the video?

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This is the most important question upon which everything else is built. Are you trying to attract new customers? Are you going to advertise your new product? Are you planning to make a video for a crowdfunding campaign?

These types of questions are first that need to be addressed. It is important to write down all the details of the goal you are expecting to achieve. Especially if you are making one for marketing purposes, as the video is a powerful tool for achieving that goal.

Who is your target audience?

This question is going to determine a lot of facts about your video. For example, if younger audiences are the ones you are appealing to, your video is going to be found on places like YouTube, Vimeo or other similar video providers. On the other hand, if you are targeting middle-aged and senior audiences, your focus should be on creating a TV-like video content.

Thinking about your audience is directly related to which channel of distribution you are going to establish your presence on. This is important because different channels use different types of video to deliver the message.

What is the exact message to be delivered?

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This is also important because the attention span of the viewers is short. This is why putting down a lot of information is not going to bring the best results and your viewers are not going to receive the message you wanted to convey.

A great idea is to create a script that will explain what your product is all about and why your customers should pick you in some detail. Stay with the core message of your video. For example, you have made a new product and you should convey this to your audience that how much effort was put in it to create a great customer experience, and what you are most proud of regarding the product. Consider creating a script that contains the core message and 5-10 supporting facts that support it.

What is the budget?

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You might want to deliver your message from the top of Burj Khalifa, but that would require quite a high budget. Even though this is the last question on the list, it is just as important as the first one. From the moment you start planning your corporate video, keep in mind that you are limited by your budget. It will help you stay on the right track and work with what you have, without losing any time, which is also important for meeting your deadline.

Once you have all the questions answered, you will be able to start working on a video that will successfully deliver the message you wish to convey. Without a proper corporate video brief, you will end up making a video that will neither deliver the message nor attract new customers to your business.




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