NIST located in Boulder Colorado is a US government precision measurement facility. We won a bid to create 5 short videos for their Charpy program to help other facilities around the world in standard practices and how-tos. The Charpy program helps test the durability of steel for a variety of applications.

Once our bid was accepted we met with those who ran the program to break down each video. We worked first to write out a voice over script. Once the script was final, we created a shot list. Since there is a lot of technical details in the video, especially since the end users are also experts, we relied on NIST to provide the proper details.

After the script and shot list were locked down we shot over 2 days, even shooting additional footage they could use as smaller clips or be added to the finished videos. Over the course of 2 weeks, we cut together each video one at a time matching the shot list to the script. After a few drafts and we got the approval from NIST, we added professional voiceovers to each video. Finally, we added titles and contact info at the end of the video.

NIST was really impressed with the end results and the videos have helped facilities around the world learn more about the Charpy Program along with providing them with details on how to use the various applications. How-To videos are a great way to help give customer service to any business.

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