The amount of content you can create for your business is infinite. Each business has it’s own specific needs for marketing or even creating videos for other reasons. Perhaps you have a product that needs to be explained through a tutorial for your customers. Although a how-to-videos don’t directly affect your sales as other videos it can still help your business.

Deltech Furnaces is located in Commerce City Colorado and makes custom furnaces for special applications. Each furnace may be custom built but they fall into specific categories. Deltech was having a large influx of customers requesting help replacing the elements. Trying to explain the process over the phone can be confusing and take up employees valuable time. On some occasions, they had to fly out when of their specialists to help their customers replace the elements, which can be expensive.

Deltech didn’t have any video content at the time, but they knew they needed to start creating some for the business and they wanted to start off with something small. They decided to create a how-to video that customers could access via an email or directly on the site. The videos would walk them step by step on how to remove and replace elements for each furnace type. The video needed to be easy to understand so all different types of people could follow the instructions.

We filmed the videos over 3 days, working with Deltech to make sure every aspect was covered and explained correctly. Once the videos were shot, we cut together a rough edit and sent it to Deltech for review. Every video needs tweaking and we worked with them to make sure the video was exactly what they wanted it to be.

Since they launched these videos they have had a major decline in having to help customers replace elements through emails or on the phone. The simple videos not only made it easier for customers to work on their furnaces themselves but allowed Deltech’s technicians to focus on the work of building new furnaces, which increased their furnace output.

When you decide to make the leap into video for your business remember to work closely with your team and video production crew to see what videos are best for your video. The answer may not always be the obvious one.

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