After 2 successful projects with music and hip-hop, artist Rolphy (Boom and Live from Cervantes) he once again approached us to produce a music video. This time, we had to work with a smaller budget, but also he wanted a more intimate video to go along with his new single.

Here at 4th Kind Entertainment, we weaved a story into his lyrics that he really liked. We also wanted to build upon the stop time effect we produced for some sequences in Boom. We also wanted to test linking the stories loosely in anticipation for a future concept album that would feature songs that were like chapters in a book and multiple videos that when put together were one story.

We decided that shooting the entire music video in slow motion gave the intended dream like feel. We also built a rain machine (under $50) to shoot the ending sequences. We had recently acquired the Sony RX10 ii that shoots up to 960 fps. Rounding out our cameras were the Sony A7s for the forest and park portions which shoots up to 120 fps. Finally, our primary camera was the Panasonic gh4 which shoots up to 96 fps. The majority of the video is shot at 60fps, with higher frame rates in some shots.

The night we shot with the rain machine it was the coldest night of summer, so both Rolphy and his fiance were freezing! Because of their passion and dedication to his music they powered through and gave great performances. We settled on a blue hue for the video and high contrast to avoid anyone realizes we were just in someone’s backyard, which was easy because the entire video was shot at night.

The reception for the video was great. His fans really liked the dreamy drug feel of the video and it received a high number of views. Rolphy decided to expand his music and has been on hiatus since this video was set, but we are all waiting for his eventual return to the Colorado music scene.

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