Silver and Smoke is an alternative rock band based out of Aurora Colorado. They wanted to create a music video for a track off of their 2016 EP Marking Time. Hope You’re Happy is a classic break up song written by lead singer Tyler Bray. For this video, we imagined someone reliving a relationship through the images frozen in time on social media. The bulk of the video content was performance footage of the band shot in their recording studio and practice space, Acacia Jade Studios. The narrative was comprised of “flashbacks” depicting the lifespan of a couple from the first relationship status change on Facebook to the last, with all of the happy and sad memories that fill everything in between.

We spent one day capturing all of the performance footage, and then a second day for the narrative content featuring Tyler Bray along with Carol VanDerveer standing in as his fictional girlfriend. In post-production, we created fake Facebook profiles for Tyler and Carol’s characters. On these pages, we posted staged photos of the couple as well as comments to help flesh out their story and used this as the framework for the performance and flashback clips.

The band was blown away by the final product and even held a special event at The Walnut Room where they screened the video’s “world premiere” and performed with two other local artists.

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