Besides being a commercial production company we like to produce original content for fun. All of us started in some aspect of the filmmaking world. Whether it was as a writer, camera operator or even an actor, filmmaking is where we got our start. The past few years we have used the skills we learned on films and other creative projects and brought it to the commercial world. Short films and comedy sketches are still a passion of ours and when we have the time we like to do some projects for fun.

We have written and directed over 20 different short films and comedy sketches. Most of his sketches were on the web series Head Trauma. In the spring of 2015 after many months of commercial projects, we decided to take some time to do a comedy sketch. Not only are these projects fun to do, it allows us to work with people in the industry and develop new relationships.

The idea behind this video was the common ‘What if” videos that were popping up on websites like Buzzfeed. We imagined the world where women had beards and wrote a script to embellish that. The video was shot over 2 days with 3 wonderful actors we’ve never worked with and 2 previous actors we have. We kept the shoot simple and fun and just wanted something to remind us where we started.

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