We have been partners with System76 since the summer 0f 2015, creating all of their video content. They came to us with a crazy idea. Shoot a long commercial featuring a Penguin (Linux Mascot) on the run. The idea was to create a hashtag, that when tweeted enough would unlock another part of the series. Once the series had all aired online, it would unlock their 4th of July sales.

This project included a tight budget, a short timeline, multiple locations, stunts and VFX. System76 has always been deeply involved with all of their video projects. Splitting pre-production between them and us helped us prepare for the 6-day shoot. We worked with them to help write and direct the project, as well as working very closely on the editing.

The end result is a completed 5-minute short film that is funny, action-packed and effective in their branding. This video helped drive their sales during a usually slow time of year. When you combine a great idea, great marketing, and perfect execution, videos of all types can help your business.

Check out System76’s website for additional videos we’ve done for them (including the videos that play on the home page), or check out their great prices if you are in the market for a Linux computer.


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