Creating content based around an event can always be tough. Most of your focus is on making sure the event goes off without a hitch, and it leaves little room to focus on the video you want to create. Bringing on your video production company early on is the best way to make things go smoother. After your initial meeting discussing what you want from the video, the video team can take over from there. Although this is the ideal way to work, that doesn’t mean that it always happens that way. Some companies haven’t worked with video production companies often and don’t know what is best, and even though the video team is brought on later than is ideal, they still have to create what their clients want.

This was our first project with Denver-based Linux computer company System76. They were creating a live art/dance exhibit on 16th Street Mall for back to school. The idea was ambitious and had a lot of moving parts as they had never done something like this before. We locked down the exact schedule of every remaining part of the event and set around a shooting schedule that would still fit with what they wanted. We captured some time lapse of some additional art that needed to be done, which helped us with a good starting point. We captured the actual painting of the dancers docu-style and set up 2 cameras on tripods (facing each side of the 3 panels of dancers, and had one roving GoPro capture the onlookers and get some interviews.

A lot of their customers live around the world and were not able to attend the event, so the video was a great way for System76 to showcase it to those who couldn’t make it. The response was overwhelmingly positive and kickstarted them into doing video work on a more regular basis, and also to bring our crew on as early as possible.

Working with the same video crew once you find one that fits your business is a must. This not only makes each project even smoother, but you have someone who knows what you want and creates content that fits your brand and overall feels and looks the same.

Check out System76’s website for additional information.

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