Strainwise Consulting  is a Colorado-based cannabis company that provides consulting services, growing operations, and retail stores.

We were contacted to create a large amount of content that Strainwise could use for various projects. If they needed to provide the media with stock footage, show investors details on their operations, and finally to create a profile video for potential investors and customers.

Our timetable was short and the about of footage was quite an undertaking. We had 12 locations to visit in 2 days spread across Colorado and as far as Central City. We spent about an hour at each location shooting broll of the interior and exterior. We wanted to make sure that each location was easily identified as different, so we made sure and included anything related to branding for the location. This included shirts employees wore, to signage and more.

We labeled all the footage individually to Strainwise employees could easily find the content that was needed for any project. We delivered standard REC 709 copies to provide standard broadcast quality ready videos, along with LOG style videos so the clips could also be color graded in any style.


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