When we were asked if we could film at Denver Comic Con for Webtoons at their booth, we immediately said yes! Geek culture is a big part of our passions and we were very excited to be able to capture the largest booth at the Con, but also the amazing costumes and celebrities.

Event videography is one of our strengths, but there isn’t anything like a Comiccon. Not only was the convention center packed with guests, but Webtoons booth was not only the largest one but was also the busiest. Teaming with Denver-based filmmaker and photographer Olivia Carmel  we set out to capture as much content for Webtoons during the Con’s two busiest days. Featuring insane lines of fans meeting their top creators, portfolio reviews for fans wanting to be an artist and a jam-packed presentation, there was a lot of great content.

Line Webtoons is an innovative app featuring comic strips that are horizontal and content created by its users. To learn more about Line Webtoons, check out their site of amazing user-created comics. http://www.webtoons.com/en/

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