As a small and new company finding work with larger corporations is difficult’ unless you already have a contact in the industry. Larger brands spend millions of dollars on video advertising a year and with fewer people watching broadcast commercials, sometimes the ends don’t justify the means.

We were lucky enough to participate in pitch along side other production companies to Trip Advisor. The rules were we had to come up with an idea, shoot the commercial and present it to them in person. If chosen they would give the production company 25k and air the commercial on LIVE TV!

We brainstormed a lot of ideas and settled on something simple and effective. Our self imposed budget was under $500, and we had less than a month to work out the details.  Creating effective ads works on any budget, and this project proves that. Trip Advisor would have spent a considerable amount more to produce the same commercial without this program.

Trip Advisor is a great site that helps take away all the planning for your vacations. Check out their site!

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