Xero Shoes is one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado. After famously being featured on the hit show Shark Tank and turning down the offer, they turned the faith in their product into arguably the largest barefoot shoe company.

After they reached out to us to create a commercial they asked us to create 15 videos that would help retailers learn about their products, how to talk about the products, display them and more. Creating B2B content is a very good way to have a good working relationship as well as giving them a place where partners can quickly learn details without lots of phone calls, meetings and emails.

This is one of 15 videos we shot for them over the course of a single day. Showing that you can create great a lot of effective and great looking content in a short time.

Not all content needs to be customer driven, B2B videos like these as well as internal videos for things like training can provide your company with a level of professionalism and make processes much smoother.

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