Creating a commercial style video for the web is a good way to help your brand, and it’s not just for established businesses either. When you are just starting out, video can be a powerful tool to help get your name and product out there to your audience.

In late 2015 we were approached by a wonderful group of ladies who created a card game based on “Haiku. After playing the game, which is basically a more intelligent version of Cards Against Humanity, we were blown away at just how much fun the game was. They had some small success trying to sell the game at some local stores, but they wanted to build an online store and launch a video alongside it.

This is a perfect way to showcase how we can scale our skills to fit different companies needs. They knew little about marketing and even less about video work. They gave us full reign to create an engaging commercial style video for their new online store. We created the concept, shot the video and did all of the post-production work.

With a small budget, we were able to create a beautiful broadcast worthy commercial that helped them gain sales in their new online store.

If you would like to know more about the game, check out their website.

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